A cat with your espresso? It’s possible in Cat cafe!

While this concept is already working and present in Asia and Europe, the Cat cafe Shops are increasing in the Montreal region. What does this phenomenon consist of?

Born in Taiwan:

The first cat bar first opened in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei in the late 90’s. Cat bars are a place where clients come to interact and play with cats, while having a coffee or a meal. Since then, the idea transported itself towards Japan during the 2000’s. In Europe, it was through Vienna, in Austria that the concept introduced itself to the old continent in 2012.

An original coffee experience:

The spaces are generally very imposing in order to leave a lot of space for the cats to move around. Little perches and other games are available to entertain the cats. The clients can therefore enter the space like a normal café, and install themselves near cats, allowing them to interact with them. The cat bars can regroup various types of cats, of all colors races. Even though certain establisments specialize in “theme bars” according to specific types of cats. Certain hygiene rules are put in place and must be respected as they’re very strict. For example having places that are inaccessible to cats, such as the kitchen, or the coffee machines, as well as an easily washable environment.

Montreal, the first North-American:

In Quebec, the Café des Chats opened it’s doors in 2014, on Saint-Denis. Montreal then became the firs North-American city to host these kinds of places. Since then, other places have also opened like Café Chat L'Heureux on Duluth East. At Café Chat L'Heureux, a dozen of cats in total are accessible to play with while you are enjoying a coffee.

Café Chat - Montréal

Photo crédit : www.mtlblog.com

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