Meet Your New Beauty Product: Coffee Grounds

If you follow a few beauty bloggers, you have probably already heard of this new affordable and eco-friendly trend. Coffee grounds have become a DIY beauty must-have, and it has well earned its minute of fame. So grab a Café Liégeois and read attentively what is to follow.

Use #1: Natural Body Exfoliant

Used by itself or mixed with vegetable oil in the shower, the grounds will clean skin deeply and eliminate dead cells. Coffee grounds have been also known to work as an anti-cellulite thanks to the fat-burning effects of caffeine.


Use #2: Face Mask

As a mask or a scrub, caffeine contains toning and anti-aging effects for your skin. Mix the grounds with almond oil to increase hydration and apply to face with circulating movements. Repeat once or twice a week to see the glowing and radiant effects!

Use #3: Dark Circle Corrector

Had a rough night? Is your face swollen from fatigue? Coffee grounds can help remove puffy eyes as it increases blood flow, hence removing dark circles. To prevent irritating this sensitive part of the skin, mix the grounds with yogurt and apply under the eyes for 10 minutes.

Now that you know all of its benefits, think twice before discarding your Café Liégeois grounds. Whether you are a believer in 100% Arabica from Kivu, or an Italian Roast such as the Ital’Bar, your grounds can be better used elsewhere than in the garbage!

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