Lelit Mara X - Grinder Lelit William (Bundle)

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Size: Lelit Mara X - Grinder Lelit William PL71
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The Lelit Mara X


MaraX V2 is an E61-type group having automatic brew temperature control that allows all users to easily pull the perfect espresso shot


The E61 group head made the history of espresso by making it possible to brew the best espresso at home as in coffee shops.

With those machines, the most compacts of their class, you get a technology refined over time, adjustable settings and prestigious, heavy-duty materials.

Elegance and quality for the barista in you!

The E61 for everyone


Being easily accessible to everyone, MaraX provides the perfect match of simplicity and professionalism. Anyone can turn into a real home-barista by always shooting a perfect espresso.


MaraX has been designed to allow anyone to make an espresso as good as it tastes at a café by using an E61 group.


MaraX is extremely silent thanks to a patent pending system and provides a water flow projected to extract the best out of different coffee types and roasts, during each extraction phase.

Marax v2

Machine customization

When using MaraX you won’t need to worry about brewing temperature: thanks to the configuration buttons you can choose both the mode of use and the preferred extraction temperature between warm, hot and extra hot, to obtain the perfect drink.

It measures brewing pressure

MaraX’s double pressure gauge allows you to control both the pressure of the steam boiler and the pressure during coffee extraction. You will thus be able to observe the brewing curve from the pre-infusion to the end of the extraction.

It has an easily accessible water tank

The new etched reservoir makes filling and cleaning comfortably easy thanks to its completely opened top. It is equipped with devices that memorize the number of loadings to easily monitor the consumption of the water softening filter.

One shot after the other

MaraX has eliminated the long waiting time in between, that was typical of the E61-types groups. This espresso machine is always ready to brew the next shot.

The new stainless steel boiler AISI 316L

The new stainless steel boiler AISI 316L is another detail aimed at improving the final result: an espresso that keeps its taste and aroma intact through each single bean from the start to the very end.

Extractions as you have never seen before

Each machine part contributes to the making of the perfect espresso from the 58mm portafilter to the coffee slide spout delivers the espresso straight into the cup. Nothing happens by chance. Gradual inclination, spout length and open areas have been carefully calibrated to yield the best performance.

Satin-finish construction

MaraX’s design is coupled with an excellent build quality as a result of its brushed stainless steel body, its drain tray and cup warmer complete with a self-cleaning grate.

Buses cool touch (anti-brûlures)

Lelit’s new steam ergonomic wands are all Cool Touch to avoid getting burnt. Cleaning has been made simple to prevent scale formation giving the user yet another advantage contributing to the full enjoyment of espresso making.

Power saving

MaraX comes equipped with a sophisticated power saving system that reduces the pressure in the steam boiler when not in use. This means saving a lot of power and eliminating unnecessary waste. The warm-up time once the machine is turned on is a maximum of 24 minutes.

On the MaraX V2, there are 2 operating modes:

1- Xmode steam : In this mode, the machine works as if it was a dual boiler. The software focuses on the boilers and the heat exchanger, guaranteeing steam availability after the brewing process is concluded. In this scenario, the temperature profile of the brewing process is less consistent but is stabilized during coffee extraction. Overall, the machine has higher steam performances. The HX Boiler works more intensively to balance the thermal fluctuation inside the boiler during the brewing process.

2- Xmode coffee : In this mode, the machine works as if it was a single boiler with PID control. The software turns off the steam boiler during coffee brewing, on one hand, reducing the risk of overheating (typical problem of HX machines) and on the other hand, increasing the thermal stability. To recognise the setting the machine is in, the user can simply turn it off and back on; if the led of the power button LED blinks, the Xmode coffee is active.

3- Steam boost :

Every time the lever is lifted and then lowered; the software turns ON the heating element. This happens for two reasons: the boiler heats up the cold water that came in and pressure for milk preparation increases. This means that the user is able to warm up milk without brewing coffee, they just need to lift and lower the group lever in order to have more than 1.2 bar pressure for 120 seconds.

4- Double NTC system (Negative Temperature Coefficient) :

MaraX has a double temperature sensor system which results in a more reactive machine during warm up and in an excellent thermal stability in the steam and hot water delivery. Furthermore, this works as a double control system allowing each sensor to detect independently any temperature fluctuation, the heating element then works fast to adjust.


    • Anti-burn nozzleYes
    • Water tank capacity2.5 L
    • PumpSilent – 15 bars
    • PIDYes
    • Capacity of the boiler1800 mL
    • Boilerheat exchanger
    • Materials of the BoilerStainless steel
    • Group58 mm
    • Automatic cleaning systemNo
    • Indication for water shortageLED
    • Stand-by modeNo
    • Appliance bodySatin finish stainless steel
    • Power1350 W
    • Voltage120 volts - 60Hz
    • Lenght22 cm / 8.6 inch
    • Height35 cm / 13.8 inch
    • Depth41 cm / 16.1 inch
    • Weight18,8 kg / 41.5 lb
    • Accessories includeda complete 58 mm portafilter with an incline-shaped handle and Coffee Slide spout, a 1 dose filter (9-11 g), a 2 doses filter (14-18 g), a 2 doses plus filter basket (18-21 g), a blind filter, a 70 L resin water filter, a 58.55 mm stainless steel tamper with a red wooden handle, a small brush for group head cleaning and a first-cleaning kit.




Espresso can only be extracted with freshly ground coffee.


Micrometric adjustment

It's easy to fine-tune the grind size by turning the knob.

Continuous grind

Il est possible d'ajouter manuellement du café et d'arrêter la mouture à tout moment.

Adjustable coffee drop

The coffee drop is easily adjustable to direct coffee directly into the portafilter.

The coffee drop is easily adjustable to direct coffee directly into the portafilter.

The screw allows the filter holder to be hung on the grinder during grinding.


Removable magnetic tray

Easy to remove, the recovery tray allows for optimal cleaning

• Ø50mm hardened steel flat burrs
• Switch for setting the grinding time
• Automatic continuous grind switch
• Micro-metric grinding adjustment
• Coffee chute adjustable in height
• Wide tray for coffee rests
• Satin stainless steel appliance body
• Productivity espresso: 1 g-s
• Hopper capacity: 350 g



Grinding wheels / Flat
Diameters / 50 mm
Programmable doses / Yes
Hopper capacity / 350 g
UPC of the machine / 8009437001996
Machine body / Satin stainless steel
Total power / 270W
Voltage of the machine / 120V - 60Hz
Width / 14 cm - 5.5 inches
Height / 22,5 cm - 8.6 inches
Depth / 36.5 cm -14.2 inches
Weight of the machine / 6 kg - 13.3 lbs

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